Croft Circuit Day

                                                                                                      IAM Rider Skills Day 8th May 2014- Croft racing circuit.

Two club members attended this event (Bob & Jim). It was, as always, well oversubscribed as the day is restricted to some 40 riders. The format consisted of a total of seven track sessions throughout the day, each one preceded by an interesting 15 minute presentation about certain aspects of machine control.  Riders were asked to split into two groups (broadly based on a persons own assessment of their confidence/experience) and then each group was split into teams of four riders with an instructor. The track time of each group was staggered so that half the riders (one group) were nearly always on the track. The teams within each group, although all on the track at the same time, had a slight time staggered start so that there was plenty of space for everyone.  The track time was a good 20 mins per session (each lap is 2.4 miles so each session consisted of a good number of laps) and after the first 2 or 3 sessions, riders were basically free to go as fast or slow as they felt comfortable with. De-briefs were held by the instructors in a friendly and informal manner. Apart from the lunch break, it was a full day from 8am to 4pm with no time to get bored. There were no accidents, although a couple of people ran out of petrol. Yes, really. 
These events are open to IAM members, associates and non-members alike. There was a wide variety of motorcycles – you don’t need a sports bike to take part. This is an attractive introduction to the IAM for anyone who may have previously not considered advanced riding so if you know someone who may enjoy this sort of thing, take him or her along.  It was very well organised, professionally structured, safe, but nevertheless did allow you to explore your own and your machine’s potential to the full, in the context of enhancing rider skills for the road. It is hoped to run another event at Croft later in the year and I would urge anyone to take the opportunity for a really enjoyable day – this is the place to practice your cornering!  

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